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where justice is elusive

vengeances is hers

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Haunted by tragedy, Jade Maldonado (Adrienne Smith), an ex-military combat medic, embarks on a relentless pursuit for justice after a school massacre leaves her shattered. With her past fueling her fury, she'll confront corruption head-on, even if it means becoming what she despises most.

The Feature

In "CULPRITS," audiences are plunged into the gripping saga of Jade Maldonado (Adrienne Smith), a former military combat medic whose life is shattered by tragedy and propelled into a relentless quest for justice. Haunted by the loss of her fiancé—a dedicated high school history teacher—in a brutal school shooting orchestrated by a dangerous militia group, Jade emerges from the chaos as a beacon of resilience, saving the lives of 39 students in the process.


Yet, despite her heroism, Jade finds herself ensnared in a web of corruption and deceit. Ten months after narrowly surviving a life-threatening injury inflicted by corrupt law enforcement, Jade embarks on a perilous journey to track down the perpetrators who evaded justice. With a steadfast resolve and the support of her battle-hardened contractor comrades, Jade navigates a treacherous landscape fraught with danger and moral ambiguity.


As Jade's pursuit of vengeance intensifies, the film delves deep into the moral complexities of extrajudicial retribution, challenging audiences to grapple with the blurred boundaries between justice and vengeance. Each pulse-pounding moment propels viewers into a gripping odyssey of action and suspense, culminating in a riveting showdown that lays bare the true cost of Jade's quest for redemption.

Driven by powerhouse performances and a gripping narrative, "CULPRITS" offers a visceral and thought-provoking exploration of trauma, resilience, and the enduring pursuit of righteousness in the face of overwhelming odds. Through its masterful storytelling and heart-stopping action, the film leaves an indelible mark, resonating long after the credits roll as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

The Team

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Adrienne Smith

Producer / Actor


Adrienne is a multi-faceted media professional with a diverse portfolio of experience, from hosting a TV show in Japan to developing film and television projects for the U.S. market.


With an MBA in Media & Entertainment from Columbia Business School, Adrienne has proven herself to be a masterful project developer, her screenplay was even selected as a semi-finalist in the 2013 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays. Continuously honing her craft under the guidance of renowned acting coach, Susan Batson, Adrienne also had a recurring role in the hit show “Orange is the New Black”. While also dedicating herself to creating a new production company to develop and distribute exciting films and original series made by multi-ethnic talents.


Alongside this, Adrienne's accomplishments as a professional in women's tackle football are equally impressive and include: two gold medals with the U.S. Women's Football National Team, four Women's Football Alliance championships, nine WFA All-Star appearances, and a game-changing touchdown that forever impacted her career.

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Sasha Santiago 

Producer / Writer / Director


Sasha Santiago is a filmmaker known for his raw, authentic storytelling and resourceful approach to production. He specializes in crime thrillers and dark comedies, writing and directing his own films that have earned critical acclaim and numerous festival accolades worldwide for their gritty and realistic portrayals of complex human emotions and controversial social issues.


An accomplished community builder and hands-on problem solver, Santiago's ability to think out-of-the-box and resourcefully is evident in everything he undertakes, from the films he creates, to his role as the founder of Grid Edge Labs, where he leads a team of industry veterans to design tools and immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions and address current climate issues.


Through this work he not only fosters awareness, but also actively engages and empowers individuals and communities to take action towards a sustainable energy future through playful and meaningful experiences. Excited about the future of film, Sasha is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling using cutting-edge technology and decentralization principles of web3.


Text: 503.208.5236


Hubs in New York City & Portland, OR.

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