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Keepers of Portland is all about storytelling to unite people, build empathy, and spur action for a thriving city. The docuseries is created by Sasha Santiago and begins as an interview project. Meeting individuals keeping the light burning for Portland and showcasing their unique insights or contributions towards revitalizing the city.

By sharing these stories, the series demonstrates how narratives can bring communities together and create positive change. It emphasizes that transforming Portland isn't just about fixing things; it's about imagining a better future and actively contributing to shaping the city's identity. Through ongoing reflection and involvement, everyone can help make Portland the best it can be.

The long form episodic show is in production Spring/Summer 2024. 


Interview teasers are currently streaming on YouTube.

Keepers of Portland exemplifies the DIYmixer ethos, storifying the journeys of individuals and groups revitalizing communities, demonstrating how narratives can unite communities and effect positive change by igniting the imagination of many.

The DIYmixer is all about tapping into the collective wisdom of the community to improve our town. It's a collaborative forum where people who live, work, and play in Portland come together to brainstorm and share ideas. By bringing diverse groups of participants together, the DoTank encourages cross-pollination of ideas, fostering creative and collaborative thinking. The aim is to drive innovation and find solutions that will make Portland a better place for everyone.

Next in-real-life mixers:

Tues, April 16

5:30 - 7:30PM at the Hollywood Library
4040 NE Tillamook st.  


Tues, April 23
6:00 - 7:30PM at Hanger 13


About DIYmixer

DIYmixer is more than just about network —it's a gathering place for individuals driven by the common goal of making a difference in their communities. Run by volunteers, it serves as a documentation, reflection, and learning platform focusing on narrative experiments and social innovation efforts. With an emphasis on participatory systems, collaborative spaces, and self-propelled creativity, DIYmixer aims to spread storytelling, empathy, and collaboration to strengthen community identity. As a social innovation hub and vehicle for creative sustainability, it hosts roving events designed to foster collaboration and resource-sharing among creators. Through talks, networking, and experimental activities, DIYmixer sparks imagination and explores the future of co-creation.

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