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Reel Hacks reimagines and builds on-brand demo reels, amplifying your talent and skills to new heights. Santiago brings an innovative approach to uncovering your personal brand, ensuring your reel speaks volumes. When it comes to working with casting representatives, communication is key. Provide them with a polished and professional marketing package that reflects your brand and showcases your best work. By demonstrating your commitment to excellence and attention to detail, you'll earn their trust and confidence in representing you.

Personal Brand Hacking Workshop

Ultimately, your personal brand is the experience you provide to others—the unique blend of talent, personality, and professionalism that sets you apart in a crowded field. One way one do this is through the Reel Hack workshops. A monthly session that brings a gangs of actors together to find each other's secret sauce - and providing a foundation for their demo reels. 


When you embrace authenticity and stay true to yourself, you'll find that doors begin to open, and opportunities abound. So, hone your craft, refine your brand, and step boldly into the spotlight. Your journey to success starts with mastering your brand as an actor.

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Build Your Demo Reel


Finding your brand

What is your brand? This is a crucial question that you must answer. It enables you to clearly communicate who you are to a casting director and, more importantly, helps you create work that best represents you. This, in turn, positions you for consideration in a broader range of opportunities.


Networking through play 

We take play seriously. Networking events that lack the element of fun in engaging with one another tend to be forgettable. Our creative sandboxes ensure that the strangers you meet become the collaborators you look forward to working with one day.


Building scenes that get seen

Engaging in scenes that lack real-world relevance is almost pointless. Our focus extends beyond assembling scenes solely for your acting reel; we are dedicated to creating media assets that businesses find compelling for their audience. This not only enhances the value of our work but also positions us in high demand.

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Brand Naratives


Talent Outshines Credits

Embrace your "type"

While you want to avoid being typecast, it's essential to recognize the types of roles you naturally gravitate towards and excel in. Are you often cast as the comedic relief, the romantic lead, the villain, or the quirky sidekick? Understanding your "type" can help you target roles that play to your strengths.

Refine your marketing arsenal

While flashy visuals may catch the eye, today's audience craves substance and depth. Opting for a reel shaped by a director who champions your narrative ensures your story exudes polish, expertise, and an irresistible charm. Don't settle for mere aesthetics – make every frame count, allowing your story to not only look great but truly captivate audiences.

Perspective is key

Your personal brand is the experience you provide to others—make sure it reflects your unique talents and values. When you embrace your type and showcase your authenticity— you set yourself apart from the crowd. Your perspective is your superpower as an actor.

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Whats your Brand? 

Discover your brand narrative through a group sessions (OverReActors) or via one-on-one discovery session.

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Tailored Calling Cards

Reels that highlight your attributes and introduce you in an accurate and authentic way is unbeatable. 

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Everybody Takes Pictures

But not everyone can make the same photo. The art of making remarkable images is a unique dance between the subject and their photographer. 

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One of the most effective ways to solidify your brand and showcase your talents is through your demo reel. Your reel serves as your calling card, providing casting directors with a glimpse into your range, abilities, and on-screen presence. Rather than trying to demonstrate a broad range of roles, focus on highlighting the aspects of your performance that truly shine. Be authentic, be bold, and be unapologetically yourself. Remember, casting directors are not looking for perfection—they're looking for authenticity and connection.

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In the casting process, directors and producers are not just looking for actors to fill roles; they're seeking individuals who bring a fresh perspective and depth to their characters. Therefore, it's crucial to develop a clear and compelling viewpoint that sets you apart. Don't be afraid to showcase your creativity and originality—after all, it's these qualities that make you memorable and captivating to audiences.

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First and foremost, it's essential to understand that your brand is more than just your appearance or the roles you play. It encompasses the essence of who you are as an actor—the unique perspective, energy, and authenticity you bring to every performance. Rather than being confined by stereotypes or typecasting, embrace the idea of becoming a type unto yourself. By embracing your distinct qualities and strengths, you'll stand out from the crowd and attract opportunities that align with your true essence.

Contact Santiago to set up a discovery meeting:

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